Alone but Never Lonely


An old soul in young bones,
That’s me,
I have gone through many stages in my life,
I have gone through a stage of loneliness,
Wanting to feel the love of another,
Wanting to feel the feeling of simply being wanted,
I have gone through times of withdrawal,
Wanting only to cut out the world and everything in it,
Because it brought me disappointment, Rejection,
And loneliness,
I have gone through times when I was utterly and completely content and happy with who I am in myself,
All of these stages have contributed to who I am now,
One thing however has always come up for me during my different stages, and that’s my greatest fear,
My greatest fear has always been that I will grow old alone,
At one stage I had become a person obsessed with this feeling of needing someone to give me the love I so…

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