A Journey Through Time: The Future I Will Have


I will love you,
Time will go past, and our love will grow,
Our bond will solidify,
And we both know that it won’t be easy,
Hard times are sure to follow,
But they will teach us,
They will make us stronger,
We will move forward,
And I will love you more,
We will sit on the porch,
Your fingers intertwined with mine,
Grey hair that we wear proudly,
Looking out at the life we built,
The life we lived,
These things may not have happened yet,
But I see them as clear as day,
Because you are my happily ever after,
As I am yours,
So this future I look forward to because you are the one I will spend it with.

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The Cross and the Pentacle

Heather stood on the stage winding up her presentation on spiritual beliefs, “believing in what you want is your right. No one has the right to question your decision to follow your chosen path. No one has the right to tell you it is the wrong one. It is a decision that took you years of seeking, or perhaps it was a belief system that you were born into, one that is comfortable for you and one that gives you the spring in your step when you get out of bed or off the floor in the morning.” She smiled at the laughter coming from the packed auditorium. “Be happy in yourself, your belief and your faith. This will give you the balance that your life needs. Blessed Be!”

The applause shook the house; she smiled and looked around at the audience, the immense love that she felt for each…

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Alone but Never Lonely


An old soul in young bones,
That’s me,
I have gone through many stages in my life,
I have gone through a stage of loneliness,
Wanting to feel the love of another,
Wanting to feel the feeling of simply being wanted,
I have gone through times of withdrawal,
Wanting only to cut out the world and everything in it,
Because it brought me disappointment, Rejection,
And loneliness,
I have gone through times when I was utterly and completely content and happy with who I am in myself,
All of these stages have contributed to who I am now,
One thing however has always come up for me during my different stages, and that’s my greatest fear,
My greatest fear has always been that I will grow old alone,
At one stage I had become a person obsessed with this feeling of needing someone to give me the love I so…

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I’m alone,

I’m afraid,

There seems to be no way out,

I think I’m a good person, but the closest I’ve come to finding someone true was in my imagination,

I’ve tried dating sites,

I’ve tried clubs,

I’ve tried just putting out my desperation,

But nothing ever seems to happen.

I’m afraid that I’m going to be fifty, single and alone trying to get the young ones for a quickie,

Why can’t I meet someone that likes all of me?

That wants me?

Someone that is themself, comfortable, and just makes me laugh,

I want someone to call just because they want to hear my voice.

I have friends, great supportive friend but I feel like something is missing,

I don’t need someone else to define me

I just want companionship, that’s all,

I don’t want to be fifty and alone…

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